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Tennis elbow is caused by a strain to the tendons in your forearm. You may feel pain in your arm and tenderness in your elbow. It can often be easily treated and your pain should ease within 2 weeks. If you can, avoid repetitive movements of the elbow and hand. You can take painkillers to ease pain.

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Tennis elbow is a problem with the tendons around the elbow joint, known collectively as ‘the common extensor tendon’. This tendon is part of the muscles that lift your hand backwards or up in the air. If you have tennis elbow, you will normally feel pain on the outside of your elbow. This area may be tender to touch.

Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)

What is tennis elbow? It is a condition which affects the tendons that attach the muscles of the wrist and . fingers to the bone on the outside of the elbow. This area becomes painful and you may also feel discomfort in the forearm. Less frequently, a similar pain can be felt on the inside of the elbow and is known as a ‘golfer’s elbow’.

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The NHS recommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise and 2 to 3 days of. Arthritis Research UK is the leading UK funder of research into the cause, treatment and cure of arthritis. Elbow pain · Tennis elbow exercises. This is a useful exercise for tennis elbow, and needs to be done for 8-12 weeks.

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Hold a rolled-up sock / tennis ball. Make a fist around it and squeeze. Hold the squeeze for 5 seconds. Relax. Repeat x10. 8. Bicep Curls Hold a light weight or can of beans. Secure your injured elbow with your other hand or by sitting in a chair and resting it on your thigh. notice less pain over several weeks.

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Tennis elbow is a type of tendinopathy, which means it affects your tendons. It develops when the 'common extensor tendon' that joins your forearm muscles to the outside of Exercises to manage tennis elbow. Arthritis Research UK. www.arthritisresearchuk.org, accessed 8 November 2017. 4 UBC James Hogg Research Centre, Institute for Heart + Lung Health.