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Team help please! I want to built a team around mirage, need ...

There's alot of ways to build an effective Mirage team I have learned/seen: Slow, squishy mids and a strong backline to stack her 1st passive, fast, high spirit gen mids to use her active at zero stacks of her passive, etc.

Soccer Spirits New Dark Legend Mirage! - YouTube

Impressions for the New Dark Legend Mirage released 1/6/2021.What are your opinions about this new legend? Let me know in the comments!

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Advanced Guide | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

Hi there! Welcome to the the Advanced Guide 2.0. This guide will cover more information that aren't covered in the Beginner's Guide and H3R0's Intermediate Guide.The Advanced Guide will cover a general team build, stat explanation, and various minor topics that seems relevant Things to note before continuing to read this guide. This guide may not contain all the information that you may be ...

Black Horns | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

Skill. Ace Skill: Ninpo - Mirage. Increases the pass effect by 45% and MAX HP by 35% of Dark players. Ace Burst: Increases the pass effect by 72% and MAX HP by 56% of Dark players. Active [Special Skill - Shadow Binding III] Available in 15 min. [Strategy] Decreases the enemy team's action speed for 15 min by 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%. Thick Shadows.

Soccer Spirits - New Legendary Player, Mirae! | Teaser Video ...

Mirage Debut Match. ... Metatron that make up her mind may be split, but they have each other. 🕊☯ Check out her latest Live Skin~ Play Soccer Spirits: ...

Patch Notes - January 6th 2021 : soccerspirits

Mirage figurine has been added as the Mirage debut mission reward. Developer's Comment: There's an issue with the position of the 5th figure and the item price being incorrectly displayed as the price of 5 figures when trying to make a purchase in the Figure Manage screen. These errors will be resolved with the next market update.

A basic guide in identifying your units and building your ...

Whatever composition you make, if it works it's not cheese, it's legit and innovative. Remeber, all innovations start out with some sort of 'cheese' element until it becomes meta. You can be the one to shape the meta. Above is only a basic guideline, but Soccer Spirits has plenty of room for innovation. That's what makes the game so damn good.

[GUIDE] Beginner's Walkthrough to Soccer Spirits : soccerspirits

I feel soccer spirits is one of the more intimidating games to get into because of all the variables it has. It's so easy to get lost, make mistakes, and then realize it only weeks later. I hope this can help new players so they don't get overwhelmed.

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