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Gameplay and Rules Serving: Diagonally, Please — The ball is always served diagonally from the fourth square to the second. The player... Honor the Rules of the Ball — Each time the ball enters a square, only the owner of the square can touch it to another... Players may not catch, carry or hold the ...

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What are the Crossnet Rules for Hitting the Ball? You’re allowed to strike the ball once per turn, using only your hands. A hand is defined as the entire area from the wrist to the fingertips, including the backs of the hands. However, official rules state that players must not catch, hold, or carry the ball during play.

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Playing CROSSNET Squares are ranked highest to lowest, 4-1. There are two sets of lines on the court. Outside boundaries are the... If a player lands the ball on any outside boundary, it is considered in play, and the player in that square is... Inside boundaries do not dictate if a ball is in or ...

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You can play the game by following these steps and tips: To start the game, the CROSSNET is set up at the correct height. 4 players must then take their positions, one in each square. If there are additional players, they must form a line... Players then focus on getting to the 4 th square while ...

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The CROSSNET game includes a “win by 2 points” rule. This means that if any 2 players reach 10 points at the same time, the winner is the player that can get 2 more points than the other opponent.

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CROSSNET is the world's first four square volleyball game. Set up within minutes in sand, grass, or indoors. Height adjustable for men (7'11"), women (7'4"), and children (5'6") All orders come with an official CROSSNET™️ four-way net, poles, and volleyball. Ships within 48 hours. $149.99. Quantity.

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Watch our instructional gameplay footage here to learn more about life behind the net.