What you need to know about genuine Windows 10 product key?

window-10-product-keyWhat you know about to install Windows 10 with Windows 10 product key? Maybe you are known with few facts that Windows 10 can be installed without using genuine Windows 10 product key, and it absolutely right. Let me allow describing the process and the important unknown facts about the installation of windows 10. As we all know that the Microsoft is doing a fabulous job to assist global computing; it is redefining the windows again with its new version of Windows 10. This is one more updated version of windows that generally allows you to install without any product key, but actually, it requires.

You can install the Windows 10 with or without Windows 10 product key initially. And it will allow you to install it without using product keys, but it installs with few cosmetic restrictions. After installing it you can enter product keys latter to get the full version of windows 10.

Here you can get the better assistance and the importance regarding the installation of windows 10 with windows 10 product key. The Windows 10 product key is to open all the latest functions that are not too rich that make windows 10 (without 10 product key) useless in any way. In the previous versions like windows XP, 7 or 8 was to install fully or not, means you were not able to use windows XP or windows 7 or windows 8 without using genuine product key, but the Windows 10 is a step ahead that allows you to use it even without using windows 10 product key with some cosmetic restrictions.

These restrictions don’t make any unavailability of features or facilities in it, but few like a watermark as alert in right bottom corner, personalizing the wallpapers or few more that could recover by using the genuine window 10 product key.
Actually, the facility like to get the windows 10 without using genuine windows 10 product key is given to get familiar with the new version without paying any cost. You can also update your windows XP, windows 7 or windows 8 to Windows 10 easily as premium windows 10, but if you have a licenses windows previously. Means you can upgrade your previous windows version up to the latest windows 10 without buying genuine windows 10 product key. This thing made Microsoft windows 10 is easier to reach the global market, and attract more new clients to the vast assistance provided by the Windows giant Microsoft.